Dial Before You Dig – Water

Did you know that you may be financially responsible if you damage underground pipes or cable networks?

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What happens when you call?

When you contact Dial Before You Dig, you’ll receive a ‘Caller Confirmation’. This lists all Dial Before You Dig members with underground assets near your proposed excavation.

If we’re among the listed asset owners, you don’t need to contact us. You’ll automatically receive plans of our assets by email or fax within a few hours of lodging your enquiry. If you don’t have email or fax facilities, we’ll post the plans to you.

Make sure you define your dig site accurately when you lodge your enquiry. The plans you receive will cover the area highlighted in the ‘Locality Indication Only’ window on your Caller Confirmation. This area will be used to automatically generate plans – not UBD or address details or any other information you provided to Dial Before You Dig.

What do you get?

We’ll send you:

  • coloured plans – unless they’re faxed
  • PDF plans if we email them to you. They will be formatted to A4, A3 or A0 size, depending on the size of the site you identified in your enquiry

What can you do if you need urgent information?

We may give you approximate details of our asset locations, but always contact  Dial Before You Dig to confirm the information.